Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

corporate gifts

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are seen by most businesses as a stepping stone to achieve their marketing goals. But corporate gifts help a company in many different ways. Corporate Gifts for employees can help in keeping employees motivated and happy. Corporate gifts for office staff are a token of the company’s regard and appreciation and act to boost their morale.

When we talk about corporate gifts for clients these gifts can help a company to retain valued customers. A thoughtful gift on a festive occasion like Diwali goes a long way in building a good relationship with clients or customers. It also makes the customer feel valued.

When companies distribute corporate gifts at the launch of a new product it is a way of building their brand. It is also a gesture for all the guests and the various media representatives gathered for the big event.

Similarly at sales meets or customer meets, corporate gifts are frequently given to all participants. Here these gifts serve to strengthen and establish a cordial relationship with people who can contribute greatly to the company’s success.

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Giveaway Gifts

At exhibitions and tradeshows, small giveaway gifts or promotional giveaways are often given. At these events, these gifts greatly enhance the recall value of the company’s product or the particular concept that the company was promoting at the event.

But choosing appropriate corporate gifts can be very challenging for companies. Although there are many corporate gifts suppliers in the market there are not too many that offer something new and exciting. It is also important to choose a corporate gifts supplier who is reliable and will ensure that the delivery of the gifts happens in time.

How to choose the perfect corporate gift?

When choosing a perfect corporate gift for employees or for clients it is important to remember a few things. The gift should be something that appeals to the receiver. It should also give a connotation of premium quality. Corporate gifts should also be something new for the receiver. Lastly, packaging of corporate gifts is very important. Customization of corporate gifts is something extremely desirable. Since corporate gifts are so closely linked to promoting the corporate brand it is better if the packaging can also highlight the corporate logo or brand.

In India, corporate gifts are used by most companies as promotional gifts for their brand. However unique corporate gifts always have a higher value compared to a simple business gift like pen or t-shirt.

There are many companies working to develop innovative business gifts and come up with more corporate gift ideas to offer a better solution and a wide range of options to their clients. DXB is one such company, we are trying to provide the best corporate gifts to our clients. The small box made by us is mostly used as a promotional giveaway.

These days executive gifts have come more personalised, companies are giving high-end corporate gifts like personalised anniversary gifts to their employees, these can be duffle bags, silver items etc.

Promotional Gift Items

Promotional Gifts have become prominent since companies are using luxury gifts for corporate for their key clients, these can be power bank, luxury lunch box, silverware, even ticket for IPL.

The personalized corporate gift always has been more valuable to the recipient. Something that the recipient can relate to. DXB Gifts has been making personalised business gifts for corporate, especially for pharmaceutical companies which are giving these gifts to doctors with their name and photo printed on chocolates. These are very impressive gifts for clients.

Many corporate gifting companies are offering promotional gift items which are not very useful for statues or shirts with promotional brands. DXB Gifts, on the other hand, provide gifts that are useful corporate gifts for employees.

Marketing gifts or promotional gifts like keychain, diaries or pens are used mostly as free giveaways for mass distribution by companies. These are normally low-cost items with high volume used for free distribution. Corporate giveaways are normally done during a marketing strategy for brand promotion.

Diwali Gift for employees

There are many occasions and festivals when the gifts to employees are distributed. The most important festival in India is Diwali when Diwali gifts for employees are bought and distributed by most companies in India. Companies also buy Christmas corporate gifts.

Business Gifts

Business gifts for clients have become a tradition in India, companies are searching for new business gift ideas, however, unique & premium corporate gifts are not easy to find. DXB Gifts offers excellent and creative corporate gifts with excellent service.

Corporate Gifts Suppliers

Finding a good corporate gift supplier is a difficult task. We suggest keeping the following points before finalising a vendor for your business gifts requirements.

1. Reliability – The gift supplier should be reliable and able to deliver a quality product in time.

2. Manpower – Most corporate gift orders are large in size, the corporate gifting supplier should have sufficient manpower to execute large orders. The skill of manpower is also an important criterion. The manpower should understand the branding aspect in case the products are customised business gifts.

3. Existing Clients list – Your gifting vendor should have a good clientele which helps you determine how well established supplier is your gifting supplier. The promotional items which the vendor is offering are accepted well by other companies.

4. Quality control – The unique corporate gifts are more difficult to make and quality control becomes a major issue in this case. The supplier of corporate gifts should take stringent measures to control the quality of the output of the promotional gifts that they are shipping out to your clients.

5. Packaging – The unique packaging is definitely an important parameter especially in case of luxury corporate gifts for your clients. The packaging has to be flawless and elegant. Your branding plays an important role, eventually, a gift is given to strengthen your relationship with your clients & employees. The product should promote your brand and company’s image.